Friday, 31 May 2013


People today are more connected to one another than ever before in human history...aren't they..??? Yes, it does seem so superficially...but the fact is, which can be easily realized on a little deeper reflection, that the inner solitariness has increased dramatically over the last few years and people have become more lonely and distant from one another in their unplugged lives...especially in a busy city like Mumbai.

Kehne ko saath apne ek duniya chalti hai..per chhupke is dil me tanhaayi palti hai...Lyrics from a song of the Bollywood blockbuster "Namastey London" fit pertinently here...The discrepancy between an individual’s loneliness and the number of connections in a social network is well documented, yet little is known about the placement of loneliness within, or the spread of loneliness through, social networks. It was not too long ago that we knew our neighbours fairly well...the families stayed for generations...those days when people used to have evening tea together...exchanging words...sharing experiences of the day with each other gave a sense of fulfilment. Today with people frequently moving in and out of lives, neighbours have become more like strangers. In urban communities, you seldom know who is living next door. We are alone in the crowd and at times prefer not to be bothered as well. 

The more advanced technology is getting, the more we are getting lost in it's virtual reality and the more and more our communication is degrading. Yes, It's true that we can talk to any of the billions of people out there across the globe at a touch of button...but is that a real way of communication ???
Seems like days when petrol used to cost 25 per litre and people could sit together to play a game of cards at weekends, are gone forever...

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