Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Mumbai - The Land Of Opportunities...

What do you call a man who hates to lose? A winner? That is too easy, too glib, and buries the story. All  Ambani ever wanted to be is the biggest there ever is, the best there ever was. He wanted a piece of the action — preferably all of it. If others wouldn't let him in, he would create his own turf and own it all.Yes, Dhirajlal hirachand ambani, the Indian rags-to-riches business tycoon, who, from a scratch, build a whole new empire in this very own city, Mumbai.

Not only Ambani, but several other came out here, to try their destinies. Some, like "The Ambanis",  Ratan Tata and Ajay Piramal were successful and made enormous cash, property, name, fame and all that they desired and deserved while some were just lost in the crowd. 

Mumbai, well known as the land of opportunities, from the Pre-Modern Times, has always been a dynamic spot on trade routes connecting India from the World Wide. Extending from myriad docks located at Mumbai’s scribbled coast line to headquarters of various top notch MNCs and Global Banks, the business continuum of Mumbai has vivid economic aspects. Mumbai has always been an active hot spot for entrepreneurship. Young entrepreneurs have innumerable opportunities to grab upon and flourish their start-ups.

Demographics of city suggest an ideal market, ranging from catering the blue collar community (which constitutes a significant portion of Mumbai’s Population) to high profile business class societies.  Consumer Community of Mumbai behaves very dynamically and this fact, if exploited smartly, may reap sustainable success. Migration is an integral part of the city’s civilization. As a young Entrepreneur, I see enormous opportunities in Mumbai’s market. Be it the music industry or it can be Bollywood, or it can be textile merchandise (well, textiles was Mumbai’s favorite since old times).Innovations can be transferred in realistic products along with proper marketing strategies blended with entrepreneurship fundamentals.

Indeed, the city is kind to those who put in efforts and have that spirit of never giving up. Once you learn to survive here, a few smart decisions and a little homework on plans and strategies of your business development may prove eminently rewarding. You just need to grab every little opportunity that comes your way and make the maximum out of it !!! So, don't miss the opportunity of getting an arresting web presence of your business by listing it on who knows, a few years down the line, someone might be engrossing your name for inspiration, in some blog like this...

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Monday, 17 June 2013


When the skyline, melding with shoreless shimmering sea, changes colors from different hues of crimson to blue to grey, loses its golden sheen, and starts to look less like molten metal, and more like the sleek side of a cool aluminum sheet, it's the genesis of much publicized  Mumbai monsoons.

Mumbai is known all over the world for its incessant torrential rains. The monsoons have always been special for every Mumbaikar, and no matter how much the BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) tries to make us hate the rains with the potholes, mismanaged traffic and water logging, one can’t help love the monsoon magic. Those endless walks on Marine Drive, Carter Road and Worli Sea Face suddenly seem to have a different appeal all together. The wind blows through your hair and the waves kiss your cheeks during high tide and splash onto the roads. The Bandra Worli Sea Link adds to the beauty of monsoons. Driving in the midst of the ocean with the rains slashing against your car gives you different high all together.

It's an enrapturing experience in itself, to listen to the patter on the roof-tops, on the trees, on the roads, on your windows or to listen to the sound of winds and rain slashing together with the wind chime on your fenestella. The feel you get on getting drenched in the heaven sent drops, the feel of getting all plaguing thoughts washed away...can't be described in mere words. The world around you starts to seem a better place...more serene than ever, more tranquil than ever !!!

Indeed it's fortunate to be a Mumbaikar, to be blessed with four such months of panacea pour. So let loose yourself this season, set aside all stress n strain and live your magical monsoon moments with . And well said by some knowledgeable scholar, happiness, like love, increases when it's shared...So, do share your monsoon moments with us and don't miss out any of your fellow Mumbailites' here at .

Happy Monsoons... :)

Thursday, 6 June 2013

The city of dreams....MUMBAI !

Hi !
I am shweta and right now I am here in mumbai for my summer internship...
Yes, it's my first time here and it has been just 2 weeks now ...and the doubts about this place being the city of dreams have started to fizzle out already...Indeed it's ironic that the city which hardly sleeps gets the above title !

When I initially came here, I was quite uncertain about the city...was pretty much perplexed as I had heard so many different things about it's people, about it's culture...from so many different sources...even now my granny always call me to tell, "beta, mumbai mayanagri hota h voh dikhta nai aur jo dhikta h voh hota nai...samhal k rehna..." n i always used to wonder about the subsistence...

but now that I am here, I think I can take a stand on whether this sleepless city is actually a city of dreams or rather a living nightmare...a frequent topic of debate.

A matter of fact to begin with, Mumbai is one of the most densely populated city in the world.This is enough evidence, that there's something extremely desirable about this city or may be the benefits far outweigh the limitations.

Living and working in the nation's financial capital, is a dream for many. The never-say-die spirit of the Mumbaikars and their out-of-the-way efforts to help someone to stand on their feet, makes it a very ‘real’ place to live in. Every Mumbailite, by definition is hard-working. It is the place to learn about evolution and survival of the fittest. Whether you are driving a luxury SUV on the sea link or eating vada pav on the street, dreams exist within all.The people of Mumbai, both- the original residents and migrants have created a culture of friendliness and acceptance and the city is open to people of all castes and religions.It would not take much time for a newbie to tune in and mingle with the crowd and neither does one have to roam around in search of places and things, especially when one has got friend like 

Well, that's an online business directory exclusively tailored for the mumbaikars...and can prove really very helpful for the mango men. With it's street level penetration, it provides every detail of whatever one is looking for on just a few clicks...

Anyways, Every city has some kind of problems, but the facilities that this city provides are unparalleled. Once anyone gets the taste of the city, it would be almost impossible to leave...Even after living here for a short while one can imagine that for a person living here, life would seem to have come to a standstill, away from this ‘ sleepless city of dreams...’ 

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Have you ever wondered, that if Delhi is the capital of India, why Mumbai gets to enjoy the distinction of being the financial capital...? What's unique in this mayanagri, which even the other colossal metropolitans could not offer, fetching it the title it boasts about...!!! 
Well, Lets find out...

When the term "financial" comes, it describes itself that it is related somehow to money and when it comes to money, no doubt Mumbai hits off the top position, being the richest city of India with the highest GDP. Further, if we talk about the financial flow, Mumbai is among the world's top 10 centers of commerce.The Oldest and Biggest Stock exchange of India BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange), which is also the third largest in the world, is located in Mumbai where stocks worth billions of rupees are traded daily. Moreover almost all Big and Small banks are headquartered there.Apart from this, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and OTC exchange of India are also located here. Sea ports give a major boost to the city trade and money. So more and less every factor stated above is revolving around money, which should be enough to establish Mumbai as a financial capital.

Now Business plays a crucial role where money and financial matters are involved, so it axiomatically comes into scene. And consequently, Mumbai being a substantial business hub is also the business capital of India.This is a place where any small scale business can flourish and make copious cash. The demand of services and commodities is ever increasing and all one needs is to put in the required effort and that mumbaikars' spirit to get going, no matter what..!!! 
Obviously, a few smart decisions, like to ensure the business' maximum reach to the people, can prove salubrious. Because it is fact that with opportunities, comes competition...and to survive the cut-throat competition of Mumbai, one has to walk his own path...constantly finding new ways to stay in the competition.

In such a hyped up and bustling crowd, it sometimes feels good to have a helping hand, to have someone to guide you through...and you never know when you may find just need to look around and may be you'll find a new friend here...

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