Thursday, 6 June 2013


Have you ever wondered, that if Delhi is the capital of India, why Mumbai gets to enjoy the distinction of being the financial capital...? What's unique in this mayanagri, which even the other colossal metropolitans could not offer, fetching it the title it boasts about...!!! 
Well, Lets find out...

When the term "financial" comes, it describes itself that it is related somehow to money and when it comes to money, no doubt Mumbai hits off the top position, being the richest city of India with the highest GDP. Further, if we talk about the financial flow, Mumbai is among the world's top 10 centers of commerce.The Oldest and Biggest Stock exchange of India BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange), which is also the third largest in the world, is located in Mumbai where stocks worth billions of rupees are traded daily. Moreover almost all Big and Small banks are headquartered there.Apart from this, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and OTC exchange of India are also located here. Sea ports give a major boost to the city trade and money. So more and less every factor stated above is revolving around money, which should be enough to establish Mumbai as a financial capital.

Now Business plays a crucial role where money and financial matters are involved, so it axiomatically comes into scene. And consequently, Mumbai being a substantial business hub is also the business capital of India.This is a place where any small scale business can flourish and make copious cash. The demand of services and commodities is ever increasing and all one needs is to put in the required effort and that mumbaikars' spirit to get going, no matter what..!!! 
Obviously, a few smart decisions, like to ensure the business' maximum reach to the people, can prove salubrious. Because it is fact that with opportunities, comes competition...and to survive the cut-throat competition of Mumbai, one has to walk his own path...constantly finding new ways to stay in the competition.

In such a hyped up and bustling crowd, it sometimes feels good to have a helping hand, to have someone to guide you through...and you never know when you may find just need to look around and may be you'll find a new friend here...

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